Who is A. P. Barratt?

Who is A. P. Barratt?

A. P. Barratt, or Andy Barratt, is an author and front-end developer based in Edinburgh, Scotland with his wife, Heather.

A. P. Barratt is the author of The Hudud Trilogy, a series telling the story of girls who have been forced into the seedy world of human trafficking in Scotland.  The story begins with Yasmin Yehri, a girl running from her home in Pakistan in the wake of an attempted acid attack by her father, only to find herself sold into sexual slavery by a psychopathic people smuggler named Lachlan.  The trilogy goes beyond the story in Edinburgh, tracking the struggles of girls fighting for their right to be who they wish to be as they escape a life with a religious belief that does not look favourably on women.  A. P. Barratt mixes the oldest crimes of all, with the newest, as GCHQ agents are called to investigate the hacking of Britain’s social security system, which is being used to hide girls within the country.

When not writing, Andy suffers from the infliction of having to make a living.  He does this as a front end developer, with expertise in user experience.  Currently he works full time at NCR Edinburgh in this role.

Andy doesn’t like watching live television but suffers from Netflix addiction.  He owns an XBox One but rarely plays computer games, he writes on an 11 inch Macbook Air using cloud storage for backups but enjoys restoring pre-war typewriters. Andy Barratt, or A. P. Barratt, can be found on Twitter through @apbarratt.

Yasmin Cover SquareYou can download Andy Barratt’s debut novel, Hudud and Escape, for free now on the Hudud and Escape website.  It is also available as a paperback but you’ll be damned if you think he’ll give you that for free!