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The need for a redesigning of my website had been surging, of late, and I’ve been on the net at all unearthly hours looking for webcreationuk reviews and reviews of other web developers who coould captivate my attention. I’ve been keeping notes on the front page of the website about how the redesign is going. I’m going to continue these notes here, on the blog, instead.

Here’s what I’d written so far:
Hello World
I’m doing a redesign of my website, it’s awfully exciting but if you get bored of waiting, the blog button up there is working ;)
No repeating Code
I’ve made a template which, with php include statements, every page on this site can use. That includes the title and navigation menu at the top and the fancy typography down the left hand side.
CV Page added
I’ve made the CV page active, my CV is actually what this site’s design is based on. Originally, the pretty design you see here was for my CV. It doesn’t look as good on screen due to the limitations of html and css but it’s pretty good and it sets the standard for headings, sub-headings and paragraphs throughout the rest of the site.
AXD Broke It :(
Well I’ve woken up this morning to find that my web hosts, AXD hosting, have moved all of my data to a new server. Unfortunately, they didn’t feel it neccessary to move all my extra domain names and sub domains, meaning all my extra websites are down… including the blog which I showed off earlier. -sigh-
Switched Web Hosts
Well although AXD got it fixed quickly, I’m afraid I’ve become tired of AXD faults so have switched hosts. I’m now with Unlimited Web Hosting UK let me list a few improvements I’m noticing.

  • They say on their website they’re in Manchester, I had no idea where AXD was
  • 24 Hour Telephone Support, compared with no telephone support from AXD
  • Fast set up, it was online the moment i paid
  • no contract – it’s a monthly payment and i can leave any time
  • All Inclusive Standard, they only have one web hosting package that includes everything, unlimited.
  • Cheaper! About £20 less a year
  • Testimonials from big companies such as NHS and 4oD
  • Transparency, they show off their uptime reports on their website

New WordPress Theme
If you click “Blog” you’ll see that the page style looks no different to this one. That’s because of a brand new WordPress theme I’ve been working on all day :-D.
It used to be that my blog was very seperate to the rest of my website. Now it feels much more like it is a part of this site.

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