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We were not impressed when we found this sign.
We were not impressed when we found this sign.

Remember this photo that I took? Well after receiving over a thousand hits on Flickr I received a comment posted by TomTom themselves stating that after seeing the photo, which I geotagged on Flickr to show where it was taken, they have now corrected the route along with some cheeky/light hearted advice on how people can submit changes to be made on their mapping service.

Hi Andy – we spotted your photo on FlickR, and wanted to let you know that we have corrected this on our maps, and it will be available in new map releases. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! It’s worth adding, that we always appreciate feedback from our users, and the more conventional (!) route for logging map errors is through this link: Come and see us on ;-)

You may also recall that I showed that Google Maps displayed the same error while Yahoo Maps did not. Well it turns out that Google receives its data from TeleAtlas, which as it would happen, is owned by TomTom. Therefore I expect the same correction that TomTom has made will appear on Google Maps thus helping not just owners of TomTom devices but also those using GPS devices that rely on Google Maps.

It’s good to know that TomTom provide a system for feedback and I’m sure I may well submit more corrections in the future.

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