The New iPad does have a name… iPad!

The New iPad does have a name… iPad!

A few minutes ago, Apple finished their presentation of the latest in the iPad range.  It’s got loads of improvements including 4G internet (note, we do not have 4G in the United Kingdom so this fails to thrill us), Retina display that is so HD that it has a million more pixels than your massive 1080p TV (note: 1080p really is just a 2 megapixel image so don’t get too upset, still it makes the new iPad higher definition than most print media), 5MP camera that can record 1080p video, a quad core processor to compliment the graphics processing that it’ll require and a bunch of new apps including iPhoto.  It also doesn’t have a new name.

People have been arguing for a while now on whether this new iPad will be the iPad 3, the iPad HD or something else, now people are confused that Apple hasn’t named it, we just know it as “The New iPad.”  You know what, why can’t it just be called iPad?

People aren’t going to get confused because you know what?  They didn’t get confused about it before!  What do I mean, let’s put it this way.

Apple produced 5 iPods that were just called "iPod". I think we'll do just fine.


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