The Cracker Fairy

The Cracker Fairy

Growing up, my family didn’t just have Santa, we had an extra little thing, something that I didn’t know until I was quite a bit older, was unique to my family.  We also had, The Cracker Fairy.

In Great Britain and some members of the common wealth, crackers are a traditional part of Christmas.  You have a decorated tube with a handle at each end and a strip of paper through the middle. Two people will hold onto the cracker, one at each side and pull it open.  A small bit of black powder inside makes a loud cracking sound and some treats fall out.  Traditionally, these are a little party hat, a very bad joke and a little toy or trinket of some kind.

Well normally most families buy these crackers at the shop but in my family, we make them, the children will collect old toilet roll tubes in the run up to Christmas and then we decorate them together, put it together but here’s the sneaky thing, we don’t put any toys inside.  This is the magic part, the children put empty crackers on the tree put when Santa comes, the cracker fairy comes too.  The cracker fairy then puts little toys inside all the crackers ready to be pulled open at Christmas dinner!  I’ve never seen her but she has never failed to come.

Well, I’ve just told all the kids staying with us this year about the cracker fairy and we’ve made our crackers.  Now they’re off to bed and sleeping, waiting to morning to see what Father Christmas and The Cracker Fairy have brought in the night!


My own finished cracker!
First we decorate the paper, when I was a kid we just used wrapping paper but our tradition has evolved a little bit :)
You take an old toilet roll tube and put a joke, a party hat and of course a snapper inside.
Roll it up
and scrunch up the ends!
Finally put it on the tree waiting for The Cracker Fairy to put little presents inside!
My Christmas helpers this year :)

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