April on Campus

Remember that photo I shared with you last week?  That ever so summery March on Campus?  Well here’s the exact same photograph but taken today, exactly one week later.

Once again, this was taken with fifteen exposures on a Canon 550D.  The nature of the shots meant that the snow that was falling at the time was not captured so I have simulated to as close an accuracy as I can get using Photoshop, the falling snow that was present at the time of taking the shots.

Can you see?

I’m not going to be so nice this time around but there is a very major problem with this photo, can you spot it?  Hint:  Remember that this photo was taken using several shots.

March on Campus

This image is 78.33 Mega Pixels in size, all I can say is, try zooming in. The photo is taken using fifteen exposures on a Canon 550D.

Can you see?

Where’s Wally?
Some took use of the University’s Wifi? Can you see this laptop?
Legs Galore!
The Premiere Shop is making a killing this week but can you spot this six pack?
Have you ever actually seen anyone on this bridge before?
Can you see the second perspective of this photo?
The DJ was out to entertain us.
And let’s not forget the barbecue if any of us got peckish.

What else can you spot?

UPDATE – 25th July 2012 – USE OF THIS PHOTO

Various people within the University of Dundee have contacted me enquiring about use of this photograph.  I’ve had at least three people contact now so I thought I’d make things clear here.  I’m more than happy for this photo to be used within all publications that support the University of Dundee, whether this be publications for possible applicants, as a picture in the Magdalen magazine, in research publications, any thing at all.  I’m more than happy for it to be used by all and anyone at the University.  I’d appreciate a credit, something along the lines of “Photo by former student Andy Barratt” however I recognise that design style may be hindered and so if no credit is given, I don’t mind.  I have a career because of Dundee Uni and this is such a tiny thing in return :)

Dundee University Email IMAP Settings


So this post is more for people at Dundee University.

One of the most irritating things about the email system at Dundee University, is setting it up on your own computer.  With a little enquiry you might find out that this can be done using IMAP and by just Google searching for “Dundee IMAP” you’ll find a page with settings on how to do this.

These settings are wrong!

The IMAP settings on the Dundee University website have been incorrect for the entirety of the three and a bit years that I have been here so to save you some pain, here are the correct ones to be able to receive but also send emails on any device (this includes your email enabled smartphone).

Dundee University IMAP Settings


  • Email Address: Your dundee email address, i.e. [email protected]
  • Username and Password:  The username and password you use to log into groupwise normally.
    (this is often the same as what you log into uni computers with)
  • IMAP Server: imap.dundee.ac.uk
  • Security Type: SSL
  • Server Port: 993
    (This is usually set automatically by your device)


  • Username and Password: Same as above
  • SMTP Server: smtp.dundee.ac.uk
  • Security Type: TLS (yes, TLS, not SSL)
  • Server Port: 25

This is what works for me, leave a comment below if it doesn’t for you or to tell us about your other Dundee University Email woes, of which I’m sure we all have many.