Snow Day on Campus

Most classes have been cancelled and most buildings are closed. Yet Dundee University is amok with students. The snows that were nearly all melted have been replaced by a shower that having started in the early hours of the morning has only just yielded in the last few minutes.

The green outside the union is overlooked by a snowman towering higher than any student in attendance, having been constructed by dozens of large snowballs, each three times the size of a bowling ball. Here in the warmth of the School of Computing, an individual cannot walk to the shop without the compulsory snow ball fight as some form of right of way. Though the lack of classes, the campus is busier than ever.

A group of half a dozen roll by a snowball bigger than themselves with great care not to get trapped underneath. They struggle with the ball as they get it onto the green where after a great war of snow, the massive structure cracks in two. No spirit is lost as one student shouts “that can be the head” and the mass is turned into another figure to observe the days goings on.

Planned events come and go weekly on campus, but this unscheduled extravaganza has attracted more than any other will, at least until next snowfall.

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