The Cracker Fairy

Growing up, my family didn’t just have Santa, we had an extra little thing, something that I didn’t know until I was quite a bit older, was unique to my family.  We also had, The Cracker Fairy. In Great Britain and some members of the common wealth, crackers are a traditional part of Christmas.  You

NME Radio Player

My brother’s complaining that he can’t listen to NME Radio. I’m wondering if this might be because they’re trying to use an overly fancy radio player on their site. In case that’s the case, here’s a basic HTML5 NME radio player: Update: Confirmed, he is able to listen now. Update2: It’s also suspected that NME’s

My Favourite Area

This morning it was raining on my walk to work.  Now it often rains and whilst I find it depressing, I am generally used to it however this morning, the rain was cold, harsh, unyielding and most importantly, its angle fell directly upon my upper legs as they lifted one at a time in my 30 minute