New Front Page

I’ve updated the front page of the website complete with a nice PHP powered Twitter feed which I think I’ve made work with the overall design of the site really well. I’ve also decided to put a list of links on the bottom of the page. I used to avoid that sort of thing for

Website Redesign

The need for a redesigning of my website had been surging, of late, and I’ve been on the net at all unearthly hours looking for webcreationuk reviews and reviews of other web developers who coould captivate my attention. I’ve been keeping notes on the front page of the website about how the redesign is going.

Check the Timetable

University students are given a time table, these timetables are very carefully organised at the start of the year, making sure classes don’t clash and meeting spaces are booked and assigned to the correct people. But these time tables affect more than just room bookings, a clash can cause more than just the irritation of

Royalty Free Music

I keep finding music and thinking, I could use that! But then I keep wondering what video i’ll make to use said music on. For instance, just discovered Ride of the Valkyries as Royalty Free on They even have sound effects, why haven’t i used this site before? Free Sound Effects Download Free Sound

Flirt and Save Lives

A few people have been asking me what arduino is. My response is this, arduino is anything. An open source language combined with a low cost micro computer the technology called arduino which can be hooked up to sensors, lights, buzzers, speakers, other computers, mobile phones, internet connections and so much more. It comes in