The Hudud Trilogy

Hudud and Escape Cover
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Hudud and Escape

After escaping the ultra conservative and cruel upbringing of her father in Pakistan, Yasmin flees to hope of a better life in the United Kingdom, only to find herself forced into slavery by human trafficker Lachlan, whose skill as a computer hacker means he can hide his victims within the country under supposed legal working status.

Forced into a world of rape, murder and slavery, Yasmin’s only strength comes from her faith but it is Adam, whose stolen phone holds the key to Lachlan’s technological empire, who must find strength after an attack that has left him traumatised and fearing the outside world.

Jihad and Unheard

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The second book in The Hudud Trilogy.

Lachlan MacIntyre has been imprisoned and the girls are recovering from their ordeal, but somebody is hacking cars to kill off those that gave testimony in the court case against MacIntyre.

As the investigation takes place, the girls are provided with round the clock protection, but one girl is missing. Could her past life, on the run from war-torn Afghanistan, provide clues to where she is now?

Adl and Control (working title)

Coming soon...ish.
Coming soon…ish.

Adl and Control is the conclusion to The Hudud Trilogy, at the time of writing, I’m still writing, this book I mean…