NME Radio Player

My brother’s complaining that he can’t listen to NME Radio. I’m wondering if this might be because they’re trying to use an overly fancy radio player on their site.

In case that’s the case, here’s a basic HTML5 NME radio player:

Update: Confirmed, he is able to listen now.
Update2: It’s also suspected that NME’s flash player is blocking access to its station in the USA where my brother is at the moment. Are you in the USA? Is this the case for you too?

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  • EddyTheB

    Are you able to get the song title from the radio too? That’s another thing that always fails on NME’s website.

  • thanks I had the same problem too :D thanks again for sharing

  • spiros

    thanks!! i have the same problem with original nme radio player

  • Paulo

    It’s mute .. like tuneIn and VLC. :(

  • I’m in the US, and yeah, went looking today, and it seems like NME doesn’t even have the player on their homepage anymore, and my Squeezebox player doesn’t play the stream anymore either