YouTube Exploit – Monetize ANY Video On YouTube

YouTube Exploit – Monetize ANY Video On YouTube

If you’ve ever had a video on YouTube start receiving thousands of views, you may receive an email from YouTube inviting you to monetize it by placing adverts on it.  Today I may have discovered a way to do this with any video!

Today I noticed a new My Videos page on YouTube, this finally gave me the option to view how many Likes and Dislikes a video had received.  Before this new page arrived, I would have to click a video’s link to view this information, thus adding a number to my own view count, something I’ve often been uncomfortable with doing.

However, I noticed something else, on the videos that I have already got adverts on, there was a link reading “Monetized.”  On clicking this link I received a page of information about my video monetization options.

I looked at the URL of the page I was on, it began with

followed by the ID of the video I was on.  I wondered what would happen if I changed this ID with the ID of a video I did not have ads on.  It worked!

I filled in the form and clicked Save Changes.  Now I’m just left to wonder whether it will be accepted for monetization, there’s no reason it would be rejected normally but I’m looking forward to seeing if it will be rejected on the basis that I was not invited to do this.  I’ll update this article when I know.

Was it deliberate?

The question arises, was this page made deliberately available?  If so, is it the case that YouTube is now allowing everybody to monetize their videos?  Or was this a complete accident.  As of yet, the YouTube Blog has not stated anything but it is something I’m sure many will look out for.

If this is the case, could this mean we are approaching an end to YouTube Partners? A YouTube Partner is a person whom has been pre-approved for adverts on every video they make.

But would this be wise?  I must admit, I think the careful filtering of videos to make sure only the most popular have adverts on them is a good idea.  I certainly wouldn’t want every video on YouTube covered with ads.

Should YouTube open up Revenue Sharing to the wider public so that any person can apply?  If so, this would be much the same as Google’s policy on Adsense, allowing anybody to place Google adverts on their content online.

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