I hate dentists.

I’m sitting in the waiting room of my dental surgery. When I was a child, I had a dentist who gave me a filling every time I went, drawing me to believe my teeth were rotting.

When I became a teenager something happened in which the local anaesthetic that they inject when they plan to start work stopped working properly. It would give me all the swelling you would expect and it would numb the surface level of my gums but that was it. They would start drilling and I would start yelling. After leaving my childhood dentist, I was told that he was well known in my home town for doing anything to get fee. If the patient or their parents were gullible enough, he would give them treatment they didn’t need just to get paid for it by the NHS. I now live with a mouth fully of painfully made fillings that I’m sure I never needed.

After that, I chose to avoid visiting dentists. I hated them. Unfortunately, last year, one of the probably unneeded fillings near the back of my mouth fell out. Not realising what had happened, I ignored the strange sharpness of one of my teeth for months. The hole in my tooth grew and then the headaches began. They carried on for weeks and I eventually took myself, having no registered dentist, to the Dundee Dental Hospital, after a few hours of waiting to be seen, they deemed the tooth impossible to save and under anaesthetic that barely worked, they pulled it from my mouth in a procedure that took the poor dentals students performing it, 20 minutes to do so, eventually their supervisor took over as the two student had run out of muscle to get the tooth out, it still took him a further 5 minutes of rocking the tooth back and forth to take it out, all while I’m grasping onto the chair in pain.

I’m now here, at the City Quay Dental Clinic, for a check up and I’m really not looking forward to it, I hate dentists.


I had to stop typing there, got called in for my appointment, only 15 minutes late too, that’s a new record, usually it’s well over 20.

Today’s appointment was interesting. All good, nothing wrong, no drilling, no medication, why can’t all appointments be like that. There was one thing though, one thing that’s been consistent at every dentist I’ve been too, so perhaps you can tell me. Why do dental assistants always have to be so attractive? It’s very distracting.

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