Going Analogue >:]

When I was learning photography back in my days at Cardonald College I was being taught to take photos on black and white film, old SLR film cameras and exorcist feeling dark room. I loved it.

At the time I’d acquired several cameras on eBay and from friends who didn’t want them anymore. My favourite was the Olympus OM10. The funny thing is, it wasn’t as feature filled as the other cameras, in fact, it was probably the worst of the bunch but I adored it.

Well, in the year of our long dead lord, 2007, I sold every one of my cameras and every one of my lenses to raise funds to buy a digital SLR. It was mortifying but worth it. The Nikon D40x that I bought has done wonders and I’ve even won an award for one of my many photos taken on it and had my work displayed in a coffee shops too… until they closed… for reasons other than my photography I might add XD

Something I loved with old film photography was its disgustingly physical nature. I may be a computer scientist but I’ve always had a little fetish for all things analogue, I have a type writer in my room, I love rotary phones, old washing machines that make that ferocious clicking noise, doors with big iron locks and keys that go “clunk” as you turn them.

I love how SLR cameras make that snapping noise as the mirror inside flips up, the aperture takes position and the shutter opens up for the light to burn into the film at the back. I love working under a red filament light bulb as I process the film and project it with prehistoric equipment onto photographic paper, watching the image slowly fade into life under the liquid I submerge it in, hanging wet black and white photos on a washing line to let them dry.

So I’ve bought a camera on eBay, they’re all so cheap now, I knew I would be happy with the Olympus OM series, so did I buy the OM1 or OM2 with all the features that I could possibly want? No, I bought the OM10, again. Fuck what the other guys say, if you need features to take good photos, you’re not doing it right >:]

I’m signing up the the DCA (Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre) to get access to their dark room and I’ve already got my way through three and a third Ilford Black and White 400 films.

I’ve scanned the photos from back then and uploaded them to Flickr:

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