Give me coursework, not exams.

I hate exams, I fail exams. Well that’s not true, by some miracle, every exam I’ve taken in college and uni I’ve passed but only just.

It’s exam time again, I’m revising but everything I read doesn’t stick in my mind. I can do the work but not the exams but to prove that I can do the work, I have to do the exams. Fuck.

To top things off, this summer I’m meant to take a summer placement, I’ve known for months and months that I want to do my summer placement in one of the internships in the School of Computing that appear every single year, this way I’ll have experience in working in a university role which is where I want to eventually end up. Only, this year seems to be the one year that there are no internships in the school, so I’m fucked there too. From what I hear, the only places in the school this year are unpaid and I need the wage, let’s not forget that student loans stop over the summer period and I’ve got rent to pay.

I think I’m just going to have to do a last minute rush looking for a different summer placement, hopefully people won’t ask why I’ve left it so late. But then, if I fail these exams, which are harder than ever (as you’d expect), then perhaps I’m just wasting my time.

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