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I’ve found myself using My Agility Board more and more for projects. It started as just a quick website to fix an issue with the assortment of Stickies apps that come with various operating systems by putting them online (in the cloud for those of you who fall for that kind of sales speak) so that I could get hold of them anywhere, on my PC, My Mac, my Smartphone and my Tablet.

But I’ve discovered that I’m using it for my own projects. My Honours Project for instance has had all the tasks that I had to do on it transferred onto My Agility Board. This pet project has suddenly become something actually useful.

And it’s not just me, I have friends in my class who have done the same, they’ve started using the site to keep track of their own projects and to keep notes, therefore I have updated the database to encrypt everything, make sure it’s private should anyone manage to get a glimpse of the data stored. My friends also managed to suggest an important new feature too, the ability to pick note colours.

One thing I decided would be useful would be the ability to share my board with people without having to give them the password, this would be really handy for showing how a project is progressing or just for taking notes and showing them to friends and colleagues.

Of course, I wouldn’t want everything to be public, just the notes I wanted to share. I’m so sure that this would be useful that I think that people would be willing to pay for the feature, however, for now, I’m giving it away to everyone who signs up so that I can get some understanding of how much people use it. An example of the public board for the username “myagilityboard” can be found at

So to summarise the new features since my previous post:

  • Ability to make boards public, limited time only free lifetime pro accounts to all new users.
  • Colour coded stickies, choose from 8 different colours.
  • Compatibility with Internet Explorer, it’s not pretty but it works.
  • Encryption, your notes cannot be read should someone manage to get into the database.
  • Various bug fixes.

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