Flirt and Save Lives

A few people have been asking me what arduino is. My response is this, arduino is anything.

An open source language combined with a low cost micro computer the technology called arduino which can be hooked up to sensors, lights, buzzers, speakers, other computers, mobile phones, internet connections and so much more. It comes in different forms such as basic chips and flexible boards that can be sewn into clothing.

There’s a workshop today at 2 in the user centre, queen mother building. So if you want to make a coat that flashes messages across you with your gruesome chat up lines, or if you want to make a rover that roams through disaster zones and monitors survivors vital signs, we hope to see you there. All ready I’m meeting people who have hooked up their sofa to inform twitter when they’ve sat down.

Make anything you want. Two hours is all it takes to get you started. See you there.

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