CORRECTED – That is one ugly computer – but it’s only $35

CORRECTED – That is one ugly computer – but it’s only $35

This article was take from Australia’s and written by Claire Connelly, supposedly their technology reporter.  I have take the liberty of making a couple of corrections.

That is one ugly computer – but it’s only $35

by Claire Connelly, Technology Reporter

CORRECTION: Claire Connelly is as much a technology reporter as Jen from British TV show “The IT Crowd” is a technology specialist.

WELL that is one ugly computer – but it’s $35 and the size of a credit card so what are you complaining about?

US technology company Raspberry Pi’s CORRECTION: Raspberry Pi is really quite British. creation lets users program their own computer by giving them all the parts they need – including a wireless mouse, keyboard and an SD card reader CORRECTION: One of the most elementary parts of Raspberry Pi is that you get the “ugly” board from the picture and that’s it. No wireless mouse, no keyboard, you have to get that yourself, it does have the SD card reader onboard though..

It contains a Linux processor CORRECTION: There is no such thing as a linux processor. It contains an ARM processor which is capable of running a linux operating system, or what ever operating system someone might come up for it. Much like my MacBook contains an Intel processor which can run Windows, Mac, Linux and many others., memory chips and ports for almost every plug in device you could ever need including USB, HDMI and Ethernet cables CORRECTION: I would certainly not describe this as “almost every plug in device you could ever need,” granted the USB does make a difference..

As for a screen and software – that’s left up to users.

The tiny computers were initially developed to encourage children to get excited about computer programming and other technology – but the device has gotten the tech world in a frenzy.

The Raspberry Pi website crashed under the weight of all the web traffic after the device was made available for sale CORRECTION: To my knowledge, the Raspberry Pi website coped just fine, it was the supplier’s websites that went down. – even after the company limited sales to one $35 computer per customer.

Raspberry Pi has also released a no-frills $25 version that comes with without a case, keyboard or monitor CORRECTION: As discussed earlier, neither device comes with a keyboard or monitor, in fact, you even said yourself that it didn’t come with a monitor! Neither version comes with a case either. Where exactly are you getting your information from? You can’t just make guesses as to what the cheaper version might entail. FYI, the cheaper version has only one USB port, rather than two; it has no onboard networking (so no ethernet port) and its power rating is less..

Both computers contain a 700Mhz Linux processor CORRECTION: ARM Processor, see above., 256 MB of RAM, USB, HDMI, SD, RCA video and 3.5 mm audio ports.

FINAL CORRECTION: It is worth noting that $35 is in US dollars, not Australian Dollars which this article’s target audience are more likely to be spending in. That said, I do not know what the Australian pricing plan is.

End of Quoted Article

I’ve often dreamt about being a technology correspondant, now I think I may be a little over qualified.

The original article can be found here.

And the new meme that was developed within hours of publication featuring Claire Connelly’s face can be found here.

UPDATE – 4th March 2012 23:40GMT:
The Raspberry Pi website did indeed go down for a short period due to high load and so Claire Connelly was indeed correct on that matter.  Also, the meme linked to has been around for a while before this particular article as Connelly chose to write an article on internet trolling.  Thanks to comments for updating me :]

UPDATE – 5th March 2012 00:24GMT:
Claire Connelly has now posted an update to her article correcting her mistakes and sent a message to myself on Twitter:

 Hi Andy. Thanks for taking the time to sub-edit my story. I really appreciate your feedback. It must have taken you a while.  Have you ever thought about becoming a sub-editor? Please accept my apologies for the flaws in that story.  Please see the corrections posted this morning. Cheers

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