Give me coursework, not exams.

I hate exams, I fail exams. Well that’s not true, by some miracle, every exam I’ve taken in college and uni I’ve passed but only just. It’s exam time again, I’m revising but everything I read doesn’t stick in my mind. I can do the work but not the exams but to prove that I

You Can Now Download My Game

The game that I wrote as a project in third year is now available to download on the software page of my website. Battle of the Crudely Drawn Dimensions is one of very few games which I believe is designed to be playable by both blind and seeing users. I’d love to know what you

Check the Timetable

University students are given a time table, these timetables are very carefully organised at the start of the year, making sure classes don’t clash and meeting spaces are booked and assigned to the correct people. But these time tables affect more than just room bookings, a clash can cause more than just the irritation of

Dundee University, something for everybody.

I went to a party last night. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy it very much, been going through a hard time recently, my estranged wife left the country with my daughter and I’ve been struggling to enjoy much at all, so having found it rather depressing I ended up going home while no one

Snow Day on Campus

Most classes have been cancelled and most buildings are closed. Yet Dundee University is amok with students. The snows that were nearly all melted have been replaced by a shower that having started in the early hours of the morning has only just yielded in the last few minutes. The green outside the union is

Advent Eggs

It is the fourth day of Advent and I’m eating a cream egg. A most delicious cream egg it is too, why am I in such a good mood you may be asking. Well, other that the cream egg and the fact that it’s coming up to Christmas, I’ve just ordered a brand new MacBook,