The Alternative Big Brother Show

As many of you may know, as well as a computer scientist, I’m also a YouTuber.  Last summer I tried an experiment, I wanted to see if I could make a daily show during my time off from uni, of course, any daily show needs a topic and I didn’t much like the idea of

YouTube Exploit – Monetize ANY Video On YouTube

If you’ve ever had a video on YouTube start receiving thousands of views, you may receive an email from YouTube inviting you to monetize it by placing adverts on it.  Today I may have discovered a way to do this with any video! Today I noticed a new My Videos page on YouTube, this finally

Tweeting Seat, The Extra Public Bench

Today I ran into my brother and Chris McNicholl in Dundee’s City Centre. Chris was showing off his tweeting park bench, a seat that litterally tweets when you sit on it. Combining two cameras, one built into the seat facing the forward and another looking at the bench from a distance, the TweetingSeat posts images

Embedding your latest Youtube video

I was wanting to embed my latest youtube video on my website. What I mean is, I wanted a simple embed script that would always show the latest video I’d uploaded. After discovering that Youtube doesn’t provide a simple way to do this I started googling to see if someone had written a script for

Royalty Free Music

I keep finding music and thinking, I could use that! But then I keep wondering what video i’ll make to use said music on. For instance, just discovered Ride of the Valkyries as Royalty Free on They even have sound effects, why haven’t i used this site before? Free Sound Effects Download Free Sound