Quotes – Hector and Apache Cassandra Twitter Clone using JSP, JSON and JQuery,

My latest project for third year was to recreate twitter in Java using Hector and Apache Cassandra. The name Cassandra comes from Greek mythology, she was granted the gift of prophecy by Apollo who was in love with her. Hector was Cassandra’s brother. In computer terms, Cassandra is a No-SQL database, originally created by Facebook,

Game Download

It’s been brought to my attention that people have been failing to install the game on the Software page. Just to let you know this has all been fixed and you can now download. Now then, I need to post something about my photography, watch this space ;]

You Can Now Download My Game

The game that I wrote as a project in third year is now available to download on the software page of my website. Battle of the Crudely Drawn Dimensions is one of very few games which I believe is designed to be playable by both blind and seeing users. I’d love to know what you

A side scroller accessible to the blind

┬áIn my third year, I was asked to create a 2D game using Microsoft’s XNA Game Studio. Whilst learning how to do so I had to make up sprites, drawing graphics is not a strong point of mine so I used this as a major part of the game story line. I also wanted to