Queen Mother Building (QMB) Left 4 Dead Map

The map of Dundee University’s Queen Mother Building (QMB) is legend among attendees of The School of Computing houses in the same building.  Unfortunately, people have a bad habit of losing it so I’m posting it here to download.  The map is believed to have been made by Rory Gianni a.k.a. @digitalWestie Click to download

Free Online Agile Board – www.myagilityboard.com

One of the most basic techniques of Agile is the use of a board with sticky notes on it to represent things that are to be done, in progress or have been completed. I wanted something that could represent this Agile Board online, something free and simple, so I’ve created www.myagilityboard.com. To get your own

Xbox 720, Someone get Sony a Wheelchair!

Oh dear, Sony is generally looking like they’re getting old. And with the revelations that Nintendo and Microsoft are to launch new consoles, Sony is looking a little bit redundant, especially after they announced that they won’t be developing a new console anytime soon as they want to develop their Move controllers further, but there’s