SEO – Changing How Bands Pick Their Names

One of my favourite bands is chamber music trio featuring a Cello, a Double Bass and a Beat Boxer on Flute.  I first discovered the band when I watched a video on YouTube that had gone viral of the flutist from this band playing the theme from the popular computer game Super Mario Brothers whilst simultaneously beat

American Billion vs British Billion

I read an article on Gizmodo today in which Jesus Diaz quoted the cash balance of Apple as being $100,000 million. After this came a large torrent of arguments complaining about why he didn’t just say $100 billion! Meanwhile some people complained that in their country this figure would not be correct as in most

The New iPad does have a name… iPad!

A few minutes ago, Apple finished their presentation of the latest in the iPad range.  It’s got loads of improvements including 4G internet (note, we do not have 4G in the United Kingdom so this fails to thrill us), Retina display that is so HD that it has a million more pixels than your massive

CORRECTED – That is one ugly computer – but it’s only $35

This article was take from Australia’s and written by Claire Connelly, supposedly their technology reporter.  I have take the liberty of making a couple of corrections. That is one ugly computer – but it’s only $35 by Claire Connelly, Technology Reporter CORRECTION: Claire Connelly is as much a technology reporter as Jen from British

Dundee Radio Android Apps

One thing that I find irritating about internet radio, is the fact that it is well designed to be listened to on your computer, but not on your phone.  Smartphones actually play internet radio very well, the issue is that for most, it is a little tricky to first of all, find a media player

Google Image Search Concept

Being a bit of a fanatic for HCI (Human Computer Interaction) I’m often spotting little ways that an interface can be improved.  Today it was Google’s Image Search. When we search for an image on Google, after entering the keyword for what we’re searching for, our eyes instantly go to the pictures offered to us.