A New Android Brain for Hera

Remember all that time I spent wiring up Hera? Fitting her with an accelerometer, configuring her internet access, all that jazz? Well it’s all been destroyed. Three weeks in prototyping time is a long time and Hera was starting to become old and doddery, fortunately, unlike you’re confused little grand mother, when Hera gets to

Third Place for Hera

Well, Hera came third place, winning me £75 of Amazon vouchers. Second place went to “Mood Tunes,” a system that would play tunes from spotify depending on what mood your last tweet suggested you were in. Finally, 1st place went to the Twitter Controlled train set that my friends designed (see last post) which means

Hera goes on show

Today’s the day. It’s Yahoo Hack Day, Dundee 2011 and we’re all setting up our work. Groups of Third Year students are all running around desperately getting final pieces of code written and adjusted in time for their presentations. I decided I didn’t want to have a mad rush on the day so was up

Teaching Hera to balance.

You know when you’re a kid, to learn how to walk, you have to learn how to stand, because to learn how to stand, you must master your own balance. The same applies to Hera. My main goal right now is to be able to fly Hera manually by radio control, however for her to

Flirt and Save Lives

A few people have been asking me what arduino is. My response is this, arduino is anything. An open source language combined with a low cost micro computer the technology called arduino which can be hooked up to sensors, lights, buzzers, speakers, other computers, mobile phones, internet connections and so much more. It comes in