Pinhole Forth Bridges

Took this photo using a pinhole camera made from a Clarks shoe box.  10 minute exposure.  Took it in January but it’s taken me months to get round to developing it.  Scanned paper negative and used Photoshop to invert and adjust levels a little.

April on Campus

Remember that photo I shared with you last week?  That ever so summery March on Campus?  Well here’s the exact same photograph but taken today, exactly one week later. Once again, this was taken with fifteen exposures on a Canon 550D.  The nature of the shots meant that the snow that was falling at the

March on Campus

This image is 78.33 Mega Pixels in size, all I can say is, try zooming in. The photo is taken using fifteen exposures on a Canon 550D. Can you see? What else can you spot? UPDATE – 25th July 2012 – USE OF THIS PHOTO Various people within the University of Dundee have contacted me

TomTom Respond

Remember this photo that I took? Well after receiving over a thousand hits on Flickr I received a comment posted by TomTom themselves stating that after seeing the photo, which I geotagged on Flickr to show where it was taken, they have now corrected the route along with some cheeky/light hearted advice on how people

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at HDR photography for a while. For those of you who don’t know, HDR is a set of techniques used to capture as much detail in a photograph as possible through the use of different exposures, using photo editing software such as Photoshop. Here is my first attempt,

Going Analogue >:]

When I was learning photography back in my days at Cardonald College I was being taught to take photos on black and white film, old SLR film cameras and exorcist feeling dark room. I loved it. At the time I’d acquired several cameras on eBay and from friends who didn’t want them anymore. My favourite

One Stop Up

I’m used, now, to receiving odd glances from strangers in public wondering what I’m up to, what’s so interesting about a thistle, or a motor cycle parked down an alleyway. Often I’ll be asked questions by curious passers by who obviously think I’m a member of the local newspaper. I usually just tell them they’ll