Snow Day on Campus

Most classes have been cancelled and most buildings are closed. Yet Dundee University is amok with students. The snows that were nearly all melted have been replaced by a shower that having started in the early hours of the morning has only just yielded in the last few minutes. The green outside the union is

Trust your bank?

Sitting at my computer desk, the phone rings. This results in a mad rush as I run around, finding the controls to turn down the music. I pick up the phone and answer. No one replies and so I repeat myself in case they didn’t hear me, nothing. Now a little frustrated, I start to

Free WiFi access here, but from where?

Strange thing, theft, isn’t it interesting how we can all accept it as a crime, that it is wrong to steal, funny that the most part of us can say with all seriousness that we would not steal a thing… but is it true? In this digital age, how many of us have downloaded music