Advent Eggs

It is the fourth day of Advent and I’m eating a cream egg. A most delicious cream egg it is too, why am I in such a good mood you may be asking. Well, other that the cream egg and the fact that it’s coming up to Christmas, I’ve just ordered a brand new MacBook, this means that the poor little iBook G4 that I’m currently typing on will soon be going into retirement, off to the computer after life, or as the case may be, my wife.

So how, I hear you scream, could I possibly afford a brand new Apple MacBook 2.4Ghz? Well it seems that the university believe I require it for my studies due to various aspects of my Aspergers Syndrome, a mental difficulty that I have and rarely speak of though it seems to merit a post when it wins me a finely achitectured laptop. Merry Christmas to me, my mind is saying. It’s like a sorry present, sorry you’re a weirdo that everyone hates, have a MacBook… ok then :-D

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