A New Android Brain for Hera

Remember all that time I spent wiring up Hera? Fitting her with an accelerometer, configuring her internet access, all that jazz? Well it’s all been destroyed.

Three weeks in prototyping time is a long time and Hera was starting to become old and doddery, fortunately, unlike you’re confused little grand mother, when Hera gets to that stage, we can give her a brain transplant. Hell I gave her a brain after 20 years, I can bloody well replace it for a better one too… I know what you’re thinking but the fact is, Hera doesn’t need a heart nor courage, she is fearless and without emotion >:)

So what’s this new brain I’ve got her? Well I’m sure you already know after reading the title and seeing the photo at the top.

Yesterday, I invested in an HTC Wildfire, it’s my first Android phone and with a few downloads and some quick coding, I’ve now got Hera’s Ailerons (bits on the wings that control how much she rolls) being controlled by the phone. When it tilts, the Ailerons move to compensate. This is the same as what I had before but my gods, is it more precise?!

This was made especially easy by the Amarino Toolkit, a mixture of an Android app and an Arduino library. I’ll go into more technical details in a future post.

Tomorrow’s task is to write an Android App that will send the same data to Hera’s website along with GPS information too so you’ll be able to watch her travel… or sit on my desk.

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